Susie Speaking

Looking for energy at your next event?

Enlisting Susie to emcee your upcoming event deliver her hilarious “Get off the Bench” keynote address, will have participants talking about your event quite some time.  Her ability to crack a joke, relate a quick anecdote and infuse her sports anchor/wife/mom life into a live microphone will keep your event goers giggling and engaged.  Susie has vast experience with banquets, galas, races and more.  She will keep your event hopping!

Having spent time on the bench (but never sidelined) while working in a male-dominated sports world, Susie has utilized five values she is convinced helped her become an award winning sports anchor and reporter for 9News.  These same values can help employees, managers and business owners find their own success.

Susie’s appeal is universal.  All audiences will appreciate the story lines she weaves into her strategies for success and happiness.  These include personal stories ranging from a general manager telling her she didn’t have what it took to be a disc jockey, to humorous experiences with pro athletes in the locker room (yes they wear towels).

Honorarium varies based on duties (emcee or keynote), time of day and travel.  Susie is well versed in live auctions and is happy to run and/or assist with that portion of your event.  References available upon request.
Cell/Text: 303-517-7484

Thank you for making UNC’s 4th Annual Women’s Walk the most successful yet!  I must admit, I was a little frantic the morning of the event as I did not feel I prepared you enough.  After reviewing the script with you for about one minute, however, you got up there and seemed like you had been our Women’s Walk emcee for 100 years!  I have received nothing but positive comments from our student-athletes, coaches, staff and participants about your involvement and I hope we can talk you into coming back next year!
Julie, UNC Women's Walk (Emcee)

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