Training for the Colfax Marathon without running

OK, kind of a misleading headline but I am training for the Colfax Marathon without running right now.  My hope is to get my miles going in late February.  The reason I’m not able to run? Stupidity.

I was so proud of myself in 2012:  I trained and ran the Boston Marathon injury free.  I trained and completed an Olympic and half-Ironman distance triathlon without issues.  Then I got greedy.   While training for a December marathon, I allowed a slight annoyance in my shin to become the most excruciating pain I’ve experienced.  I’d never had a shin splint in my life.  I ignored the warning signs and I’m pretty sure it became a stress fracture during an 8 mile run in early November.    The pain literally stopped me in my tracks during the run.  Here I am 3 months later and can barely string together a full mile of easy jogging.  Thankfully I’ve been able to walk, snowshoe and use the elliptical the last 6 weeks.

So, how does one train for 26.2 miles without running?  I have a plan from Runner’s Edge of the Rockies and have been substituting other modes of aerobic training for my running days, I’ve also been working on strength and flexibility as well as taking days off (VERY difficult for me).   Hopefully all this equates to an overall stronger well being.

As a Colfax Marathon Ambassador, I’m going to share my workouts.  Maybe you’re in the same boat and need some other ideas or encouragement.  It’s frustrating to be injured.  Maybe you want to run but haven’t started training.  Take baby steps, you can get there just like I will.

Here’s what my January looked like:



Eliptical 4 miles






Bike 20 miles


Eliptical4 miles


Bike 22 miles




Walk 3 miles


Bike 22 miles


Walk 5 miles






Eliptical 4 miles




Walk 3 miles


Spin class




Downhill ski


Hike 5 miles


Hike 6 miles


Bike 22 miles


Walk/Run2 miles


Bike 24 miles




Walk 6 miles


Walk/Run2.5 miles


Bike 35 miles


Ballet Physique DVD


Eliptical5 miles





Colfax Marathon 5-12

I also did a lot of icing, some ART, acupuncture and massage for my shin.  Its light years ahead of where I was on November 4th, but still not 100%.

I’ll keep you posted each week from here to the marathon (or maybe ½ marathon at this point).  Good luck with your goals and hope you will join me at the Colfax Marathon in May!

Dedicating 26.2 miles of Boston

Last week I asked for suggestions from others who have ran the Boston Marathon and I received many great tips and ideas. Some were specific to Boston, others could be used in any marathon.

One idea in particular struck a cord: dedicate each mile to someone or something that has helped me get to this point. It took some thinking but I came up with a list – most of the numbers have something to do with the dedication so I can remember.

Mile 1: My mom Mary (January birthday) This 7 year breast cancer survivor is the reason I trained for my first triathlon (Tri for the Cure) and fell in love with running.

Mile 2: Our son Justin (February birthday) A soon-to-be teenager that doesn’t understand why I do what I do, but he still hugs me everyday and says he loves me. Can’t beat that.

Mile 3: My mother-in-law Corinne (March birthday) She lives a couple miles from us and I can pretty much call on her any time to help with kids, usually so I can get a workout in.

Mile 4: My step-father Franz (April birthday) My Mom’s “rock” that has ran his fair share of miles during his athletic lifetime and “gets it.”

Mile 5: My brother Ted (May birthday) I can’t convey how special this guy is to me in one or two sentences. I will say he has helped make me the athlete I am today and I love him to death.

Mile 6: June. In June 2011, a week before my birthday, I fractured 3 toes during a run and I thought Boston would never happen. Time does heal.

Mile 7: My husband Mike (Born on the 7th) This man is my world and has supported me through every crazy antic, thought and event I’ve attempted. There is no way I would be here without him, he is an incredible husband and father.

Mile 8: My Facebook and Twitter Family. For some reason over 8,000 people are interested in my life. So many of them have reached out with encouragment along with way and I am very grateful for my “social” friends.

Mile 9: Our daughter Sam (September birthday). This girl is a pile of energy that never stops moving – she is always smiling, laughing and dancing. I can’t imagine life without her.

Mile 10: My sister-in-law Lynnette (October birthday) A fellow long distance runner who ran Rock & Roll Arizona with me when I qualified for Boston. I had never thought about qualifying until she brought it up the night before when looking at a pace chart. I thank her for planting the seed.

Mile 11: Me (born on the 11th). I’m going to dedicate this one to me. It’s a grind preparing for a marathon and rarely do we thank ourselves, our bodies and our minds. Plus Mile 11 is just before Wellesley College where the all-girls student body lines the course. Chick power.

Mile 12: Mile High Multisport. Pete & Kathy Alfino were my first triathlon coaches who also trained me through my first two marathons (Las Vegas & Arizona). Pete’s a sucker for good looking women so I’m giving MHM the entire mile of Wellesley College.

Mile 13: Justin (born on the 13th). Immediate family members are getting 2 miles each, they deserve it. Justin and I share a love of music and I will think of songs from his favorite artist (Pitbull) during the half-marathon point.

Mile 14: My niece Zoe (born on the 27th, so about half that number). Ted & Lynnette’s girls are the cutest things ever and I love being “Aunt Susie”. I will think of her and smile.

Mile 15: Coach Tom Baldwin. When I was 15, my parents divorced and Coach B (who also taught biology) became a wonderful mentor and shoulder to lean on. Anyone from Broomfield High School knows how special he was and still is.

Mile 16: The Boston Marathon (The 116th running & it’s on April 16th) It’s the Mother of all Marathons and I feel very privledged to be a part of it. Mile 16 is also where the infamous Newton Hills begin.

Mile 17: Sam (born on the 17th). It’s too bad she’s not in Boston to draw me a cold bath after the race like she does after my long runs – I think she really enjoys the pain in my face when I get in.

Mile 18: Runners Roost. I’ve been on the Runner’s Roost Race Team for 2 years and they are amazingling supportive. I’m honored to represent them in this event.

Mile 19: My step-Mom Diana (born on the 19th). My dad has found a phenomenal soul mate. Diana’s kindness and generosity towards everyone in our family amazes me.

Mile 20: 9News (9 was taken, so going for the Channel 20 tie in here) I’ve had a lot of support from my co-workers and I hope to bring them back a good report!

Mile 21: Runner’s Edge of the Rockies. For this marathon I trained with a local running group and realized that I really enjoy running with others. Thank you David & Julie.

Mile 22: SkirtSports and Nicole DeBoom. For years I’ve been a big fan of Boulder’s SkirtSports and their founder Nicole DeBoom has become a great friend. I’ll be wearing a marathon skirt Monday and by Mile 22, I hope it’s flapping in the breeze as I’m cruising down towards the finish.

Mile 23: Dr. Ann Gill. When I was 23 years old I was attempting grad school at CSU. I was miserable and Dr. Gill told me to stop wasting my time with school and instead spend it on my young radio career. That advice worked out well and she’s still a dear friend.

Mile 24: My niece Mia. Zoe’s younger sister who I just want to squeeze every time I see her. Always grinning and I need to think about her happy face with 2 miles to go.

Mile 25: My dad Ed (born on the 25th). I bet he thought I was forgetting him. Not a chance – I’m pretty sure deep down he thinks his daughter is crazy, but he never shows and has always stood behind me.

Mile 26: Mike. At this point I’ll be very ready to see my husband of almost 16 years and culminate another one of our amazing journeys together.

Mile .2: D-Mac.  The marathon is 26.2 miles and I’m dedicating the .2 to a former co-worker at KBPI, Darren McKee. He ran Boston last year and I owe this year to him. Thanks D-Mac, it was the least I could do (literally) :)

Workout Diary 3/12/12-3/18/12 (The Ohio River)

View from the Ohio River in Louisville

I spent a big chunk of my week in a place I’d never been: Louisville, Kentucky. The CSU Rams made it to the Big Dance and I got a ticket as well. New place = new territory to explore which I always love. The Ohio River turned out to be my “new thing” of the week.

Monday 3/12: Walk (3 miles). I’ve been forgetting to get a walk in every week. Very important to have walking muscles primed for a marathon – I will walk through most of the aid stations for about 30-45 seconds.

Tuesday 3/13: Run (8 miles). This was an interesting day. I worked 3am-7am. Came home and saw the kids off to school. Packed for Louisville. Ran 8 miles. Back to the station for camera, tripod and laptop. DIA by 2pm. Two flights later I was in Louisville at 11:30 EST. #woreout

Wednesday 3/14: Bike (45 minutes indoor). Didn’t have a lot of time so I hopped on a recumbent in the hotel exercise room. Caught up on Scrabble with my family with a very easy spin. I did a lot of walking on this trip. My hotel was a few blocks from the KFC Yum! Center (for some reason that arena title doesn’t scream “health & fitness” does it?). I walked back and forth a few times a day.

Thursday 3/15: Run (6 miles). Ran along the Ohio River which separates Kentucky from Indiana (I had no idea until I today). Very cool river front path. Ran by the University of Louisville’s Rowing Facility. Massive, pristine all-brick building and on the water there were speedboats with U of L logos. I think there’s some money in that program. I guess when you’re next to the water you row right? By the way, it’s humid in Kentucky – that I did know and so did everyone else when I filmed the Rams Pep Rally without having time for a shower beforehand. I did get one in before the game.

Friday 3/16: Off. Pretty much worked 22 hours today between an early east coast flight back to Denver, Manning Madness kicking into high gear and anchoring the sports at night. Unreal day.

Saturday 3/17: Run (18 miles). My biggest “fear” on Friday was not being able to get this run in because of Peyton and my daughter having a day long dance recital. But I got up early and got it in. Tough run with Runners Edge of Colorado that was downhill to start and uphill to end. Yikes.

Sunday 3/18: Bike (38 miles). The wind was wicked today and my brother and I found ourselves practically leaning sideways to stay upright. Not the best day for the ride but flushed out the legs.

Workout Diary 3/5/12-3/11/12 (Hatha & Flow Yoga)

Peyton Manning put a little twist into my big workout this week – funny (or sad) how my personal athletic life revolves around big sports stories, even though I’m not involved with those events as an athlete. But, it’s the juggling act that comes with any job, and even the best planners can’t plan for the unexpected. Like Peyton Manning coming to town. But when those inconvenient moments arise, having a good support system, and being willing to bend, becomes very important to getting workouts accomplished.

When Manning Madness hit on Friday, I was asked to work be live Saturday morning for a few hours at Dove Valley… exactly the time I had planned for my 14 mile run. Sunday wasn’t an option because our event company had already sent an email blast earlier in the week about a group bike ride. Saturday was already crazy with our son’s championship basketball game, a team pizza party and I was emceeing an event in Louisville that night. By working that morning, my 14 miler seemed doomed. I did have a couple hours free in the afternoon but I didn’t want to steal time away from the family. My husband knows me too well and long before I asked, he said go. That’s what we do – we support each other in our dreams, our hobbies and our (healthy) obsessions. So I ran during that small window of time and got my 14 done. Phew. I could stay human.

Monday 3/5: Bike (20 miles). Gorgeous day for one of my favorite “out and back” routes with some great hills.

Tuesday 3/6: Run (8 miles). Grabbed some miles on the High Line in the afternoon. Involved some tempo running and I was a little sore afterwards. Enjoyed a few extra tortilla chips with an old gal pal at dinner.

Wednesday 3/7: Off. Weather was a crummy and my workout desire seemed to match. Felt like a good day to do nothing. No regrets.

Thursday 3/8: Run (7 miles). Ran in Ridgegate in Lone Tree. I hear there are a few hills in the Boston Marathon so I’m throwing some rollers into training. I’ll be ready Heartbreak Hill.

Friday 3/9: Yoga. New try of the week: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners on DVD . Yogi Tamal Dodge has two different 30 minute workouts on this DVD that you can do separately or back to back – I did them back to back but will separate in the future when I don’t have time for a longer yoga workout. The first 30 minutes is a lot of stretching with a band (included with the DVD). The band really helps with the tight spots and will be nice to have around for stretching. The second 30 minutes is more traditional flow yoga – I enjoyed this also, especially the shorter time. Note: Purchase multiple time lengths with your workout DVD’s – you’ll be more likely to use them. From now on when I don’t have 50 minutes for yoga, instead of skipping it, I’ll pop in the 30 minute workout.

Friday was also “Massage Night” – Mike & I cherish Laura Fusco who travels to homes for a very reasonable fee. 720-327-3653

Saturday 3/10: Run (14 miles). Cut back week with my long run mileage because the 18 & 20 milers are coming in the next few weeks. The High Line trail from Goodson Rec Center going north was 99.9% dry. It was so nice not to dodge snow, ice and mud.

Sunday 3/11: Bike (27 miles). WarginEvents organized a group bike ride of 21 miles. We had 35 people join us (our biggest group yet). If you want to opt into our newsletter blast to know about the next ride, click here and sign up.

Workout Diary – 2/27/12 – 3/4/12 (JDV Pilates)

Week 8. Mental pressure is starting to mount about the Boston Marahon and all those little internal questions: Will I be ready? Will anything hurt? What if I don’t finish? I know it will all work out the way it’s supposed to. I’m really looking forward to the entire experience of being in Boston for four days with my husband (no kids!) and some good friends. Hopefully we’ll see a Red Sox game and do some sightseeing.

My super long runs kicked in this week and I finally went back to the High Line Canal to see how clear (or not) it was. I still had to dodge numerous patches of ice/slush/mud, but I’d say 85% was dry dirt. It was great to be back on that trail.

My new experience of the week came at JDV Pilates in Denver. I had never done a Pilates class before and it was very enjoyable. Owner Ansley Watson took me through all kinds of burning, stretching and strengthening exercises that were good for running. I don’t know how she keeps all those pulleys and springs straight, but she’s a pro. She had me hold poses and exercises for a minute at a time – I could definitely feel many of the exercises both during and after. I’ll be back to visit. To find out more about Ansley’s place (very convenient off I-25 & Speer) visit

Working it out at JDV Pilates

As always, Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter if you have any questions, comments and suggestions!

Monday, 2/27/12: Run: 6 miles
Tuesday, 2/28/12: JDV Pilates – my first Pilates experience!
Wednesday, 2/29/12: Run: 6 miles
Thursday, 3/1/12: Spin Class at 24 Hour Fitness
Friday, 3/2/12: Swim: 2000 yards (“Squeeze In” workout)
Saturday, 3/3/12: Yoga: Home DVD
Sunday, 3/4/12: Run: 16 miles on the High Line Canal

Workout Diary 2/13-2/19/12 (Bob Harper!)

KUSA – New strategy for the blog starting with Week 6 because I think I’m getting long winded on these. So in an effort to quicken the pace, I’m just jotting a couple highlights from the week, then listing my workout log. As always, Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter if you have questions, comments and suggestions!

This week I worked out with Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser… OK, not really but I checked out his Yoga DVD from the library. What a great way to see if you like a DVD! Before you spend money on all those home workouts out there, go on-line to your local library and see what they have. I had to reserve Bob’s DVD and it took a week or so before I got it, but I’m glad I did. I really liked it and it was a good workout, but I wish he had more than one yoga workout on the DVD.

I also ran in the Snowman Stampede 5 mile/10 mile at Hudson Gardens. I actually needed to get a run in of 14 miles for my Boston Marathon training and I didn’t want to put my body through race pace. So I ran 3 miles before the race and one mile slow cool down afterwards. For the race itself, I ran with Lindsay Jones from the Denver Post (she’s the Broncos beat writer – she’s VERY good at her job). Lindsay is training for the Colorado Marathon and also didn’t want to race so we enjoyed conversing and running at a descent clip without killing ourselves.

Keep up your program and goals!

Monday, 2/13/12: Walk: 3 miles; Abs Challenge: 40 Side planks
Tuesday, 2/14/12: Run: 6 miles; Abs Challenge: 60 Reverse C
Wednesday, 2/15/12: Swim: 2300 yards: Abs Challenge: epic fail
Thursday, 2/16/12: Took the kids skiing at Winter Park. The workout came before and after skiing while hauling all the gear to and from the base!
Friday, 2/17/12: Yoga: Bob Harper’s Yoga Warrior
Saturday, 2/18/12: Run: 14 miles with the Snowman Stampede race in between
Sunday, 2/19/12: Bike: 2 hour spin on the indoor trainer (yawn)

Week 1 
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

Workout Diary 2/6/12-2/12/12 (SuperSlow Zone)

KUSA – Week 6 of 2012. How to stay sane pre-Valentine’s Day with all the goodies around. Marathon training is going well, still looking for more suggestions on place to visit once a week: Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, 2/6/12: Walk (3 miles) & Abs. I’m trying to beef up time on my feet without running too often too soon – that is a recipe for injury. Walking is a nice option to continue training for Boston. Plus then the puppy gets a workout. Abs Challenge is still going – did 150 double crunches.

Tuesday, 2/7/12: Yoga (60 minutes). I emceed the CSU Ram’s Roundup tonight so kept the workout as non-sweaty as possible with yoga. Forgot to do my Abs. Dang.

Wednesday, 2/8/12: Run (5 miles). What a day. Probably one of the worst I’ve had in a very long time. It started at 7:36 a.m. when Kyle Dyer was bit by a dog live on the air. It was crazy after that: from helping her in the bathroom until paramedics arrived, going to the hospital after the show and also remembering I was bit by a dog as a kid. So many graphic images raced through my head all day. I brought my running clothes to work this morning because I had planned on running the Cherry Creek path after work. After Kyle went into a 3 hour surgery, there wasn’t anything more I could do, so I ran. I usually listen to Today’s Hits on Pandora, but my Enya station was already selected from our massages last Friday, so I kept it there. It was strange music to run to, but it fit perfectly for where I needed my head to be. It was cold, the creek was beautiful and the snow was sparkling under the sunlight. I prayed over and over during those 5 miles for my friend and I’m sure they will be answered. Kyle came through surgery with flying colors. She has a long healing ahead but will be just fine.

Thursday, 2/9/12: Swim (2300 yards) & Abs. Big time hangover from yesterday. We had a group counseling session at the station and that helped go over many of the emotions so many of us are feeling. We’re sad for Kyle and we’re mad about negative comments. We will all heal in time. I swam to think. I haven’t seen her yet post-surgery and can’t wait. I hear she looks “just like Kyle” which warms my heart. I did get the Abs in today: 60 reps of 4-ups.

Friday, 2/10/12: SuperSlow Zone. This is a very interesting concept – if you don’t have time to work out for hours and hours, then this is your kind of place! It’s located in the DTC off Bellview and they say just 1-2 visits each week and you’ll notice huge changes in your body. Get this: each visit is just 20 minutes after the initial run through. The key is high intensity, low force exercise and it’s performed… Super Slow :) I was shaking after most of the exercises and could feel my muscles working just as hard in each direction I was using the machine. Christie Taylor and her mom are on to something here and run the only SuperSlow Zone in Colorado. Check them out sometime. I mean really, who doesn’t have 20 minutes twice a week? (No Abs today – did plenty at SSZ!)

PHOTOS: Susie Wargin works out at SuperSlow Zone

Saturday, 2/11/12: Run (12 miles). Yes it snowed. Yes it was in the teens but met up with the Runner’s Edge Group for a group run and really enjoyed my time with my pace group. We ran north on the Highline Canal from the Colorado & Yale area. This afternoon I finally saw Kyle and she looks “Just like Kyle.” She can’t talk or eat solid food because her mouth is stitched mostly shut while her lip heals. So I brought Shamrock Shakes to her house and we conversed for a while: me with my mouth, her with the dry erase board. She’s a very fast writer! It was so good to see her and share that time with her.

Sunday, 2/12/12: Bike Trainer (1 hour and 30 minutes). Tried to hit the trainer early before the family woke up and was able to catch up on Scrabble and read a couple articles in the latest Competitor magazine until my husband came into the basement and wanted to chat. So we chatted. The rest of the mag can wait until next week. For a third day in a row I didn’t do my Abs Challenge. I see myself signing up in March again and making it a Lent thing :)

Tip for Week 7: Plan, plan, plan. Many good intentions from January 1st are probably falling aside. Get a planner and write down what you want to accomplish. Make it a priority to check it off your list!

Workout Diary 1/30/12-2/5/12 (30 Days of Abs Challenge)

Week 5 of 2012.  January into February.  Can’t believe one month is gone already this year.  Please continue to let me know what you think and if you have suggestions.  I’m keeping all of them! EmailFacebook or Twitterme anytime.

Monday 1/30: Yoga & Run (3 miles). I was STILL a sore from the BodyLab workout but didn’t really know it until I ran. My left quad squawked at me so I followed up the run with some easy yoga from my DVD. I realized later I probably should have taken today off after the my 8 mile run Saturday and 38 miles on the bike yesterday. Whoops.

Tuesday 1/31: Nothing. Man I was grumpy today. My body just didn’t feel 100% and I’m starting to get nervous about Boston. I’ve found that happens when training for a big event – any little thing that comes up can bring on instant panic about being able to do the event. Especially when the entry fee is $300 and it’s non-refundable. Yeah I was grumpy. Paid a visit to my chiro and left feeling a little better. Thank God. Apologies to my family today.

Wednesday 2/1: Walk (6 miles) and Abs Challenge. Felt a million times better today than yesterday both physically and mentally. My good girlfriend Maureen and I walked for 6 miles on the Bluffs in Lone Tree. We hadn’t walked in months and just had a blast. I like to workout alone, but it’s also fun to hook up with a friend or a group because time and miles just fly by. Plus the laughs are good for the core.

As for the Abs Challenge – this is my special workout for this week but it’s actually for the entire month. Stephanie Enriquez from Train with Stephanie does a 30 Days of Abs Challenge every month. This is a great deal. For just $15 she sends you the exercises and schedule for the month. There is only one exercise each day, but it has to be performed to exhaustion. She sends a reminder email each morning and after completing the exercise, you email her back with the number of reps.  There’s prize money at the end of the month in a variety of categories. Today’s exercise was Crunches. I did 160 which I thought was pretty good… until she emailed an update and someone cranked out 600+. Really? I have work to do.

Thursday 2/2: Swim (2300 yards) & Abs. I emceed a luncheon today and had an acupuncture appointment at Whole Health Center (Stephanie is fantastic). By the time I got home the weather was starting to change. They say big snow is coming. My husband was home and told me to go get a swim because I might not be able to for a couple days. I went back and forth trying to decide and he urged me to go (I think he remembered Grumpy Susie from Tuesday). I went and was glad I did. Let it snow. Abs Challenge: Bicycles – I was done at 70 reps

Friday 2/3: Shovel (yes I consider this exercise), Abs Challenge & Massage. I LOVE to shovel. Mike LOVES that I love to shovel. It’s my way of getting a workout especially on a day when I really couldn’t leave the house. Mike typically gets the first early morning layer off the back porch so the dog can get around, but I do the rest. It snowed a ton today and there was plenty of shoveling to do. I work it pretty hard with a lot of squatting/knee bending (watch the back!) and I get a good sweat going. I have a little contest (in my head) with any neighbor guys that happen to be out at the same time: I try to finish before them, even if they’ve started before me. Usually I do. I think I might have a competition problem.  Abs Challenge: Side Plank – these were tough, only got through 20.

Massage: This is one of those luxuries Mike and I afford ourselves every four weeks. We’ve had Laura Fusco come to our house for years after a referral from a former Bronco. She still massages current players and is very reasonable (less than most studios). She has unreal hands. If you like fluff massages, she’s not your gal. If you want a massage that digs in and makes you feel better, give her a call (720-327-3653) or check her out on Facebook.

Saturday 2/4: Bike trainer (1 hour, 15 minutes) and Shovel: I finally broke down and put my bike on the indoor trainer in my basement. Kept my heart rate in Zone 2 and worked up a nice sweat before anyone was out of bed. Caught up on my Scrabble moves with all my family members at the same time. After breakfast, more shoveling… will it ever stop snowing today? I forgot to do my Abs Challenge. I see the prize money fading.

Sunday 2/5: Run (10 miles) & Abs. The Runners Edge of the Rockies group runs are typically on Saturdays but because of yesterday’s weather, Coach David moved the run to today and scouted one of the only cleared spots in town. We hit the Cherry Creek Trail from REI in LoDo in 14 degree weather… it was awesome. My calf felt really good. Tiny bit of tightness but nothing like it had been. Big confidence boost for Boston today. Abs Challenge: Side jackknives – did 60.

Bring on the rest of February!

Workout Diary 2012 – Week 4 (Body Lab Fitness)

Week 4 of 2012. Not nearly as exciting as Week 3 when I was pulled over by a cop on my bike. Got a comment or thought? Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, 1/23/12: Day Off. I had a lot of catching up to do that didn’t get done over the weekend and I wanted to rest my calf. Plus I attended the grand opening of the new Colorado Ski & Sport by Park Meadows Mall tonight and didn’t want to get ready “all over again” (refer to Week 1)

Tuesday, 1/24/12: Swim (2400 yards) Great afternoon in the pool. My swim is getting stronger and I can tell my calf is healing, but it’s not 100%. I also visited the chiro for my weekly session of ART. Painful as usual, but not nearly as painful as previous weeks – yeah!

Wednesday, 1/25/12: BodyLab Fitness. #OMG. BodyLab was recommended to me by a wonderful sweet woman in our sales office. How she survives going to this place on a regular basis amazes me. BodyLab is tucked in on Broadway between 1st & 2nd in Denver, the maximum in a session are six people, and classes are only 30 minutes long. Only 30 minutes of continuous quad crushing, core crunching and upper body pumping via a circuit of just about anything and everything: heavy ropes, medicine balls, pulleys, dumbbells, etc. It was intense, but fun: there was a live (yes live) DJ spinning killer beats and owner Matt Damico threw out constant encouragement and corrected poor form. I was dripping sweat within the first 5 minutes and after one round was very glad I wasn’t the girl with her head out the front door. I made it through three rounds of the circuit and was on a 4th when the 30 minutes were up. While I cooled down on a treadmill, I watched in awe as Matt and the other participants downed a shot of Tequila. Yes, tequila. (I had to go back to work for a meeting so I refrained). Here’s the scoop from Matt behind the occasional post-workout shots:

Hammering the ropes at Body Lab Fitness

“It’s not something we do every day with every group or every week, it’s really more when the mood strikes me – when a certain group of clients are together it can be fitting and fun. The BodyLab is sort of a contradiction in many ways. Our clients love our incredibly intense workouts, daily nutritional monitoring, weekly weigh-ins, monthly body fat and fitness tests, but what they also appreciate is the levity we’re able to bring to the table. It’s a not a place to be politically correct, and they love that, because they’re otherwise under such microscopes in their daily lives that the BodyLab gives them the opportunity to cut loose, screw around a little and just act like general goof balls without fear of judgment or retribution . Clients demand amazing workouts and accurate nutritional coaching but not at the expense of a fun atmosphere. They want to be entertained!”

Consider me entertained today Matt and thanks for the workout.

Thursday, 1/26/12: Ski (Clarify: Kid Skiing) I expected to be sore today from the BodyLab workout and I was, but not too bad. I took the kids out of school in the afternoon and we hightailed up to Winter Park for our first day of skiing this season. I figured a little quad work on the hills would help flush them out a bit. We had a fun couple hours hitting some tree trails, Rail Yard and the groomers. It was the perfect amount of time for everyone just getting their “ski legs” back.

Friday, 1/27/12: Walk (2 miles). It’s amazing I was able to walk in this afternoon because when I woke up this morning I couldn’t. The old “48 hour” lactic acid rule went into full effect and honest-to-God I limped from bed, to bathroom, to shower and thought “What the heck? I thought my quads were in decent shape!” Obviously whatever part of my legs I used at BodyLab on Wednesday, I don’t use to run, bike or swim. I can’t remember the last time I was this sore. I emceed a luncheon for the West Jeffco Chamber today and grimaced every time I went up and down the stairs to the stage. Not so entertained today Matt but at least the puppy was happy with my walk :)

Saturday, 1/28/12: Run (8 miles). OK, today was better and I started my training program for the Boston Marathon with a Runner’s Edge of the Rockies group run. We met off Colorado & Yale, picked our pace group and I trotted along with some great new people that I’ll be running with on many Saturday’s between now and April 16th. The quads were improving (suddenly my calf seems better, I’m sure it’s not but the soreness is taking over every pain sensory in my brain). Running flat felt fine but any kind of incline or decline reminded me of Wednesday. Dang.

Sunday, 1/29/12: Bike (38 miles). I had a fantastic business meeting with my brother for 38 miles through Douglas County today. We mapped out our base route for this year’s Wacky W bike ride and made a slew of decisions. The wind gave us a great workout (along with some hills) and even though I can feel my legs coming back, they were toast by the end of our ride. Biking for us is like golfing to others… a few hours in the saddle took care of umpteen phone calls and texts about our event. I highly recommend meetings like this!

There’s my week.. how was yours?

Workout Diary 2012 – Week 3 (5280 Fit)

Week 3 of 2012. The week of a healing calf, a cop and core. Some longer entries this time but Thursday “demanded” length. Keep the comments and recommendations coming!  Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, 1/16/12: “Yoga Monday” (50 minutes). It felt great after that long bike ride yesterday. The kids were off school today and I also took the day off, so I woke up early and did a DVD session before anyone else was awake. I love taking care of a workout while the family is sleeping. Then I’m done and can spend the rest of the day being a mom, wife and professional “picker-upper” around the house (at least that burns some calories right?).

Tuesday, 1/17/12: Swim (2300 yards). It was very chilly today and I really dislike getting in the pool on cold days because of the initial shock to the body. Thankfully it only takes about one lap for that feeling to go away. I’m not complaining about the water temperature: I almost always get my laps in at the Centennial 24 Hour Fitness, and when they built the club, they closed down the Cotton Creek location that was very well attended by senior citizens. So they keep the Centennial pool at a fairly warm temp so the seniors stay happy. Keeps this over-40 citizen very happy too!

Wednesday, 1/18/12: Walk/Abs/Rest. Today was weird. I had to travel to the Springs for a lunch talk with the host cities of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. After that, I took our puppy into the vet. By the time that was done, the afternoon was fading before the kids came home and activity central started. So I opted for a quick mile walk with the pup and 20 minutes of a core workout on the BOSU (I followed a DVD). It was kind of a rest day but I still feel like I did “something”. I also received some treatment on my calf and back from my chiropractor that evening while the kids were in activities (multi-tasking at all moments!). Some people have asked about my chiro – she is amazing and isn’t all about “cracking” – her ART technique works wonders and she’s incredibly strong: Dr. Kayla Bennett at New Heights Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Highlands Ranch

Thursday, 1/19/12: Bike (30 miles). Great ride except for two things: the road I really wanted to ride still isn’t open (Hess Road) and I was pulled over. No joke. Here’s the scenario: I’m riding east on Ridgegate by Skyridge Hospital. I go under I-25 and look at the traffic coming off I-25. A truck slows down for me so I can slide over to the right and get in the bike lane. I wave, nice driver. Next, I see two officers standing in the median with radar guns and one is yelling. I thought he was screaming at a car, but he was looking at me. It went down like this:
Cop (bellowing) “You need to stop! ”
Me: “Me?”
Cop (like I’m 5 years old): “Yes YOU!”
I stop. The other officer stops traffic so his partner can cross the road.
Cop: “Did you see what you almost caused back there?”
Me: “Me?”
Cop: “Yes, YOU! You almost caused an accident when you cut off that truck.”
Me (in disbelief): “I didn’t cut off the truck, he waited for me to get over and that’s why I waved at him.”
Cop: “Well, you went over the solid line. You have to wait until the dashed line just like cars. I could give you a ticket you know.” (he was right on all accounts)
Me: “I’m sorry, but he was letting me come over, so I did.”
Cop (acting a little tougher than he really needed to): “I don’t want to give you a ticket but I could.”
Me: “Well, I appreciate that you aren’t.”
Cop: “Just remember next time. You have to follow the same rules as cars”
Me: “OK, I will… what’s your name?”
Cop: “Officer _______ ”
Me (extended hand): “Susie Wargin, 9News, nice to meet you.”
Cop (guard instantly goes down): “Cool, nice to meet you.”

Like I said, he was right about what I did. However when I’m on my bike in between two lanes of traffic and a car is basically motioning me over so I can get in a bike lane, I take advantage. I didn’t feel like I needed to be talked to the way he talked to me which is why I introduced myself. I’m on a bike, not robbing a bank. OK, I’m done. Best to stop before I get in trouble. My ride was awesome after this.

Friday, 1/20/12: VERT at 5280Fit in Centennial. I thought I was taking a day off, but the stars aligned when a fellow dance mom took our daughter BOTH ways to dance (holla!). I was able visit 5280Fit and go through a 13 circuit workout with Julius and his killer VERT class. Check out the attached video to see one of the two VERT machines used in class – very cool. The circuit exercises were varied and used box jumps, TRX bands, light dumbbells, Kettlebells and oversized rubber bands. It was very well put together and I came away with a nice sweat and a burning core. Thanks Sonja & Julius for the opportunity!

Saturday, 1/21/12: Race: Frosty’s Frozen 5 & 10. Super fun and flat race along the Platte starting from Hudson Gardens. My calf felt really good so I ran the 5 mile at a decent race pace (7:45/mile) and finished with a time of 38:43. I took 5th in my age group (out of 62), was the 33rd woman and 94th overall (out of 714). I met a bunch of my new Runner’s Roost teammates and a few other new friends. It was a great morning!
Sunday, 1/22/12: Swim (2400 yards). I woke up a little sore today from yesterday’s race. I’ve found the secret to curing soreness for me is a swim. It’s very tough sometimes to muster up the energy, but every time I’m glad I did. I felt stronger in the pool today and can tell my swimming is coming back – I timed myself for a 300 yard swim and was 15 seconds faster than last week. I like that action.

There’s my week.. how was yours?