Training for the Colfax Marathon without running

OK, kind of a misleading headline but I am training for the Colfax Marathon without running right now.  My hope is to get my miles going in late February.  The reason I’m not able to run? Stupidity. I was so proud of myself in 2012:  I trained and ran the Boston Marathon injury free.  I trained and completed an Olympic and half-Ironman distance triathlon without issues.  Then I got greedy.   Continue Reading

Dedicating 26.2 miles of Boston

boston all in

Last week I asked for suggestions from others who have ran the Boston Marathon and I received many great tips and ideas. Some were specific to Boston, others could be used in any marathon. One idea in particular struck a cord: dedicate each mile to someone or something that has helped me get to this point. It took some thinking but I came up with a list - most of the numbers have something to Continue Reading

Workout Diary 3/12/12-3/18/12 (The Ohio River)

View from the Ohio River in Louisville

I spent a big chunk of my week in a place I'd never been: Louisville, Kentucky. The CSU Rams made it to the Big Dance and I got a ticket as well. New place = new territory to explore which I always love. The Ohio River turned out to be my "new thing" of the week. Monday 3/12: Walk (3 miles). I've been forgetting to get a walk in every week. Very important to have walking muscles primed for a Continue Reading

Workout Diary 3/5/12-3/11/12 (Hatha & Flow Yoga)

Peyton Manning put a little twist into my big workout this week - funny (or sad) how my personal athletic life revolves around big sports stories, even though I'm not involved with those events as an athlete. But, it's the juggling act that comes with any job, and even the best planners can't plan for the unexpected. Like Peyton Manning coming to town. But when those inconvenient moments arise, Continue Reading

Workout Diary – 2/27/12 – 3/4/12 (JDV Pilates)

Working it out at JDV Pilates

Week 8. Mental pressure is starting to mount about the Boston Marahon and all those little internal questions: Will I be ready? Will anything hurt? What if I don't finish? I know it will all work out the way it's supposed to. I'm really looking forward to the entire experience of being in Boston for four days with my husband (no kids!) and some good friends. Hopefully we'll see a Red Sox game and Continue Reading

Workout Diary 2/13-2/19/12 (Bob Harper!)

KUSA - New strategy for the blog starting with Week 6 because I think I'm getting long winded on these. So in an effort to quicken the pace, I'm just jotting a couple highlights from the week, then listing my workout log. As always, Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter if you have questions, comments and suggestions! This week I worked out with Bob Harper from the Biggest Continue Reading

Workout Diary 2/6/12-2/12/12 (SuperSlow Zone)

KUSA - Week 6 of 2012. How to stay sane pre-Valentine's Day with all the goodies around. Marathon training is going well, still looking for more suggestions on place to visit once a week: Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter. Monday, 2/6/12: Walk (3 miles) & Abs. I'm trying to beef up time on my feet without running too often too soon - that is a recipe for injury. Continue Reading

Workout Diary 1/30/12-2/5/12 (30 Days of Abs Challenge)

Week 5 of 2012.  January into February.  Can't believe one month is gone already this year.  Please continue to let me know what you think and if you have suggestions.  I'm keeping all of them! Email, Facebook or Twitterme anytime. Monday 1/30: Yoga & Run (3 miles). I was STILL a sore from the BodyLab workout but didn't really know it until I ran. My left quad squawked at me so I followed Continue Reading

Workout Diary 2012 – Week 4 (Body Lab Fitness)

Hammering the ropes at Body Lab Fitness

Week 4 of 2012. Not nearly as exciting as Week 3 when I was pulled over by a cop on my bike. Got a comment or thought? Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter. Monday, 1/23/12: Day Off. I had a lot of catching up to do that didn't get done over the weekend and I wanted to rest my calf. Plus I attended the grand opening of the new Colorado Ski & Sport by Park Meadows Mall Continue Reading

Workout Diary 2012 – Week 3 (5280 Fit)

Week 3 of 2012. The week of a healing calf, a cop and core. Some longer entries this time but Thursday "demanded" length. Keep the comments and recommendations coming!  Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter. Monday, 1/16/12: "Yoga Monday" (50 minutes). It felt great after that long bike ride yesterday. The kids were off school today and I also took the day off, so I woke up Continue Reading